War Bonnet reverentially explores and reinterprets the darker, more recessed ancestral music created by North America's indigenous people.

In early 2017, Chaz Wagner, (Bois Forte Ojibwe) and Tony Parson (Leech Lake Ojibwe) formed the band War Bonnet. War Bonnet is a legendary Native American rock band. War Bonnet brings awareness to Native American rock music as a genre as well as historical events, and current events in Indian Country. War Bonnet released the single, War Horse—following with their first full album, The Ghost Dance (February 2019). On May 2, the Native Report featured War Bonnet and their song, “Ikwe” which brings awareness to the #MMIW movement — Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (children and peoples). Ikwe appears on their second album "Ancestral Legacy" released on November, 27th 2020 (Native American Heritage Day).
In late 2020, the band collaborated with accomplished vocalist - Leah Lemm (Mille Lacs Ojibwe) and has since been added as a composer to the WB team.
The band is currently working on their 3rd musical masterpiece - the new music dives even deeper into the creativity of their tribal ancestral roots.
Their full live band consists of eight talented/professional musicians.
The band was Nominated for 2 Native American Music awards in 2019 - Best Rock Recording for “The Ghost Dance” album and Group Of The Year.

War Bonnet live:
Chaz Wagner - Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals, Samples
Tony Parson - Keyboards
Leah Lemm - Vocals
Alex Mehne - Percussion, Horns, whistles
Tom Fricheck - Drums
Eric Krenz - Lead Guitar
Becky Fricheck - Vocalist
Sean Zarn - Bass Guitar



Chaz Wagner of War Bonnet