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Gaag Manidoog

 Track #2 Aki Manidoog Album

Gaag, Gaag
Manidoog, Manidoog
He will live again...

The Legend Of Geronimo

 Track #2 Ancestral Legacy Album

Great healer, great leader
 Held his family with love and pride
When he lost them in a raid
A voice spoke from inside
“You cannot die in battle, your aim will always be true”
The spirit blessed him with power with each fight the legend grew
Riding faster than the driven snow
Knocks them down like an undertow
Striking the enemy blow after blow
The Army could not catch the wind
Fight run hide and fight again
No bullet would ever touch him
Obsidian eyes were ablaze with uncompromising belief
Geronimo proved to be a man no other in combat could defeat
Forty years guarding his lands storming through the battle field
Though the forced his surrender the legend would never yield.
Geronimo… your courage brings us great honor
Your medicine was a great power
Your story makes our nation stronger
Our faith in you will never die.
No bullet could ever touch him…
Chiricahua, Chiricahua, Chiricahua 7x

Red Cloud

Track #5 Ancestral Legacy Album


As the arrows began to darken the sky

Warriors raise arms in a war cry

We are a mighty storm thundering loud

Leading the charge is our hero Red Cloud

Set out to defend all the injustice

The lies, the disrespect the broken promises

Fighting to preserve what is left of his peoples land and way of life

North, South, East, and West

Red Cloud was everywhere

Baiting the enemy with decoys like the great warrior Crazy Horse

He lured soldiers into the open for a successful ambush

He stunned his opponents like white rabbits caught in a trap

Red Cloud

Rise up Red Cloud and lead us once more

Straight through the fires of our nations war

Burn down those forts in the name of your band

Erase them from our sacred land

When I look up the sky is always red, illuminates the clouds

Great Chief your power graces us still today

The Red Clouds forever remain.


Track #6 Ancestral Legacy Album


Children of Mother Earth
pray for those with no guardian
That together we may stand vigilant
against those who seek to harm them
We pray for courage our spirits are enraged
because this world has not changed
We pray - let her go (4x)
We pray for the sisters, the mothers,
the daughters, and the wives
We pray for all Ikwe
who have lost their lives
We pray for answers, for truth,
most of all we pray for their safe return
We pray – let her go (8x)
Authorities do not listen
to the families of the victims
The laws are not protecting them
complications with jurisdiction
Tribal Courts cannot prosecute,
criminals let off without conviction,
makes a target of Indigenous women
We pray for the taken to survive what they endure
and rise above the ashes into a bright future
We pray they know they are not alone
and are loved by all
We pray for days filled with joy and light
for that what Mother Earth designed
We pray people come forward
stand up for what is right
And we pray for all Mother’s children to sleep safe each night

Sitting Bull

Track #7 Ancestral Legacy Album

Great Sioux Chief, Powerful/Wise and Strong, Sitting Bull

Holy Man, Unshakeable/Wise and Strong, Sitting Bull

Pound for pound, Immovable/Stood his ground, Sitting Bull

Lived his way, Free and Full/Never Changed, Sitting Bull

He danced all day into the night

A vision came, brought insight

Soldiers falling upside down

From the sky to Sioux ground

Crazy Horse plans to fight

The braves prepare to counter strike,

I said the braves prepare to counter strike!

Sitting Bulls vision came to be at last,

When Custer’s Army charged the Greasy Grass

From the death rattle, Sitting Bull had warned

It was the battle, The Battle Of The Little Bighorn

Great Sioux Chief, Powerful/Wise and Strong, Sitting Bull

One last vision to mark his end/Sitting Bull, a true legend

Chief Joseph (Part II)

Track #8 Ancestral Legacy Album


Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce kept his people fed and clothed

He cared for their well being – he put his tribes needs before his own

He did his best to give them hope with each mile behind their tracks

That they’d find a new home far from the white man’s attack

He bravely led them onward with hundreds of miles to go

The weight of those already lost made his footsteps sink down low

And when he was forced to surrender and end his peoples retreat

Tears ran from Chief Joseph’s eyes as he gave his famous speech


Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce kept his people fed and clothed

He cared for their well being – he put his tribes needs before his own

From a broken heart is how he died

But he never let go of the love that he held in it for his tribe

And for his ancestral homeland

Though his dreams to return home was never meant to be

It empowered his peoples spirit who honor his legacy

When he was faced against all odds he spoke with a courage undaunted

With words that rumble through our hearts as thunder rolls down the mountain.

The Chief’s Song

 Track #9 Ancestral Legacy Album


We are backed into a corner, we have nowhere else to go - nowhere else to run,

They are taking our land, they are taking our food, taking our women, our children, our religion.

Our ways of life that the Creator has given us,

We have NO choice left.

We are….

Going to war

United Tribes Of America

Track #10 Ancestral Legacy Album


Seminole, Arapaho, Potawatomi, Cherokee, Northern Cree, Anishinaabe

Chickasaw, Navaho, Kiowa, Hopi, Mohawk, Sioux, Mohican, Kickapoo, Comanche

United Tribes Of America 4x

We are Indigenous,

Proud and Brave are we,

Together we forever run,

Run strong, wild, and free

United Tribes Of America 8x


Track #3 The Ghost Dance Album

Paint the earth red

One shot and it’s dead

Paint the earth red

One shot and you’re dead

Great White Sea

Track #5 The Ghost Dance album

Paradise once was here not quite that long ago,
Indigenous peoples inhabited from Maine to Mexico,
They had love for the land for it was sacred and pure
But their whole world turned upside down

on that day when Columbus had become lost

First they make promises
And they take all our land


The Great White Sea,

Great White Sea,

The Great White Sea,
Is drowning me!

We were once so free
Brave and mighty
Are we.....

A sea of Europeans invading
from east to west,
Swallowing all in its path
His greed would not rest,
To destroy all the Natives
And take over all his land,
We had to fight back the waves
with all that we had,
But nothing could ever stop
This Great White Sea Of
Death and Disease

First they take everything and they give nothing back

The Great White Sea,

Great White Sea,

The Great White Sea
Is drowning me!

Death Valley

Track #8 The Ghost Dance album

I walk
Into the West
Take me there
I walk
Into the desert
Take me there

Kicking up dust and bones
We’re in Death Valley

Kicking up dust and bones
We’re in Death Valley

We walk
Into the wind
Guide me there

We walk
Into the sunset
Guide me there

Kicking up dust and bones
We’re in Death Valley

Kicking up dust and bones
We’re in Death Valley



War Horse

Track #11 The Ghost Dance Album

There was a time
In history we were free
to roam wherever we want
and to hunt
And search for game
life became so much better with
lots of love
2 are 1, 1 are 2
Of horse & man
tied to land
A spirit bond that will never, ever bend
War Horse
War Horse
Run, Thunder Hooves
Swift as wind, Lightning Fast
Painted symbols adorned
Marked for War
Warriors ride fearlessly at the enemy
like Crazy Horse
Dodging bullets as we dash into the battlefield
Soldiers flee the Calvary
The Horse is with me until the end.
War Horse
War Horse

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